Nokia was re-entering the market once again and this time it was coming back into the market by HMD global. The perception of Nokia was associated with the Windows OS that was known as problematic. The challenge was to communicate the new variants that were introduced but more importantly to communicate that Nokia now operated on the Android OS.


Develop a narrative & generate a buzz

To tackle this brief, we knew we had to develop a narrative for this Nokia-Android love story so we kicked off by organizing a press conference and One-on-One interviews with HMD Global executives to get more intel and create the hype. Then we got influencers involved to create the buzz and drive the narrative we developed.

Media Mentions


Campaign Awareness:

  • Total circulation: 35,478,400
  • Total AVE: $31,501 
  • Total PRV: $126,004
  • There was a total number of 27 coverages, 15 Online and 12 Offline mentions.