The political space in Nigeria is a dicey one. Unarguable, the framing of media reports in political reporting goes a long way to influence the electorate as the media provides a link between the political personnel (politicians, aspirants, political officers, government officials, amongst others) and the general public. Our task was to do

Insight & Idea

"Changing the narrative"

Experts say that factual, objective and balanced stories will create an informed and objective electorate, while unfounded and biased reporting can cause misunderstanding and violence. The strategy is to leverage the media to strengthen Governor’s Abiola Ajimobi’s personal political profile, sustain his political relevance after handing over to another governor in 2019, mitigate the bad press and personality brand damage occasioned by the review of the Oyo State Chieftaincy law and coronation of new Obas in Ibadan, and spin the narrative in the public sphere around to his favour.


Influencing the conversation

We live in the internet of things. People read stories on the go. With that said, there is a very high tendency for people to have wrong perception of you when they read stories. So, we setup our expert team of content developers to curate content around reforms that will mitigate current news about his Excellency, Abiola Ajimobi. We leveraged our existing relationships with political editors to strategically place our content on relevant tier 1 online and offline platforms and setup online monitoring to track conversations, keywords around Oyo state government and his Excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

Media Headlines


With our curated content, we achieved a total estimated reach of 2 million on 5 tier 1 news platforms which was syndicated across other news blogs and websites. We were also able to change the opinion of the public in favour of his Excellency, Abiola Ajimobi. On social media, we joined in on the conversations around him and educated the audience about his propositions and the good will of his governance.