Global research conducted by Always showed, girls find it offensive when being told to do things ‘like a girl’. In turn, Always sought to reaffirm girls by reminding them that their dreams are achievable. Quadrant MSL created a campaign that empowered, encouraged and supported the girl child to live her life to its fullest potential.

What We Did


QuadrantMSL created an inspirational and emotional campaign which focused on empowering girls to achieve their dreams through education and mentorship. To drive online conversation, we created the hashtag #MyFutureStartsToday.
Execution was 3 phased:


Phase 1: Evoke Emotion

We produced a short video to evoke emotion, its aim was to tell the story of the Nigerian girl, encouraging her to focus on attaining her goals. Girls were interviewed and asked to describe what they want to achieve in the future and what would make them achieve it. The video was deployed online and on TV to influence the conversation about the Always initiative and its activities.


Phase 2: The Competition

We conducted a nationwide essay competition for secondary school girls with the topic ‘My Future Starts Today: My Dream Career’. After receiving 20,000+ entries, 100 winners were selected and rewarded a scholarship of N100,000 each.


Phase 3: The empowerment

We partnered with Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), Nigeria’s leading non-profit association for women in leadership and women who aspire to be. The WIMBIZ partnership brought forth training and mentoring in secondary school aged Lagosian girls.
We also drove conversations on relevant print and online platforms and developed content for targeted blog sites and print media for the duration of the campaign.


  • The overall campaign conversation was 96,162,777.
  • On social media the audience reach was 8,660,500 and impressions were 47,927,462.
  • Total video views was 358,980; earned views was 28,705 and paid views was 330,375.
  • Total offline impressions was 48,235,315
  • 55 earned blog posts
  • 10 earned print mentions