Public Relations

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Quadrant MSL offers public relations services including media management, creation of press materials and stories, message creation, monitoring and reporting. We design and execute powerful, proactive, and creative campaigns to raise the profile and bottom-line results for each client.

Strategic Communications Consulting

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Quadrant MSL lies at the intersection of consulting and communications. Every client’s business is studied end-to-end in order to determine gaps, opportunities and tactics that will make communications more effective. Strategic communications is about identifying all stakeholders, creating messages that matter and communicating them so that they meet people where they are, at the right time, and in a meaningful way.

Content Creation & Management

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Modern consumers are discerning than ever. In order to move people to action, well-communicated emotion must lie at the center of all campaigns. Quadrant MSL helps to identify, ideate and execute content, no matter the mode of storytelling – visual, audio or written. Content is developed and managed to tell each client’s story in a way that connects information to emotion, retaining head and heart space among consumers.

Measurement & Analytics

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Numbers don’t lie. We pride ourselves on our data capabilities - media monitoring, campaign impact measurement, and research on industries, landscapes and businesses. This helps us create campaigns rooted in fact but born from imagination. Our listening capabilities empower us to pivot as necessary, resulting in influential, streamlined, fast-moving, and adaptable campaigns.

Digital & Social Media

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It is impossible to separate digital media strategy from public relations. Quadrant MSL has embraced digital and social media, and works to ensure that strategies for both are informed by each company’s overall communications objectives.
The ‘always on’ nature of the internet means teams must be listening, engaged and responsive, while the adaptive nature of the internet means content must be tailored for each medium – these are challenges our team readily turns to opportunities.

Platforms & Partnerships

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As business advisors who work across a number of industries, we are trained to constantly scan landscapes and identify partnership and platform opportunities to engage stakeholders in new ways. Whether it’s creating owned platforms or forging partnerships with genuinely influential people, we work to deliver innovation for our clients.

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